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Whether it be your roof, gutters, pond, RV, gaskets or faucet, finding out that you have a leak can be a nightmare for homeowners. Not only are leaks annoying, they can prove to be extremely costly, not only the cost of fixing them but also the cost of the damage the leak causes. What’s worse, leaving the leak unfixed even for a short amount of time can cause the damage and cost to be exponentially higher. LeakFree.net is a site dedicated to helping people solve household leaks themselves without having to resort to hiring expensive contractors.

A considerable number of our remedies involve a simple, low cost, and yet often overlooked tool in leak repair: spray sealants. A good spray sealer will permanently bind any two surfaces and enables a leak to be stopped without needing to engage in more complicated fixes. The reason we recommend spray sealers so often is because of their low cost and ease of use – literally anyone can use a spray sealer to fix a leak. It really does come down to point and spray.

Through our extensive testing on hundreds of projects, we have found Flex Seal to be the best leak spray around, giving it our highest possible rating. We highly recommend Flex Seal for any leak repair project and feature it in the majority of DIY project guides we provide on this site.

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Still not sure why you should use a spray sealer to fix all your car, boat and home leaks?

What Causes Leaks

Leaks can be caused by all sorts of different things. Sharp objects are a constant threat to soft material, while even the hardest metals can corrode over time. Here are some of the most common types of leaks:


  • Faucet leaks: Perhaps the most common type of household leak, faucet leaks are caused by the degradation of the washer inside your tap over time.
  • Gasket leaks in your car: The valve cover gasket in your car will corrode over time and could eventually fail, causing oil to leak out of your car.
  • Basement water leaks: Caused by groundwater under your home, basement leaks can lead to serious problems in your home.
  • Leaky roofs: The seals between the flashing on your roof and the shingles around it will eventually degrade, causing leaks and water damage in your home.
  • Radiator leaks: Much like gasket leaks, the material around your radiator will gradually corrode, which causes radiator fluid to leak out.
  • Pond leaks: If you have an artificial pond in your backyard, sharp rocks can sometimes scratch the liner, causing leaks and other problems.
  • And much more: Leaks can be caused by all sorts of different things. Whether it’s your home or your vehicle, learning how to prevent these leaks is very important.

What are Spray Sealants - How do They Work?

Spray sealants are the easiest and most effective way to prevent a leak. Simply point the can of sealant at the problem you want to solve and then press the button to release a spray. This spray will then bind to the material, forming an airtight and waterproof seal.


Spray sealants help you avoid some of the messier and more expensive solutions that are on the market. Instead of working with a large can of sticky paintable seal, for example, your hands never come close to contacting a spray sealer. And, since it comes in a spray can, it can easily fit into some tight situations around the home.


It also holds an advantage over tubes of sealant, which can be a pain to work with. They become sticky and unusable if left for a long time, and are relatively expensive to work with.


Since spray sealers are in a liquid form, they will last for a significantly long time, and can be used to solve multiple problems that occur around your house over the years. Not only are they easier and more effective than other solutions on the market, but they’re more affordable as well.


For all of these reasons, spray sealers are increasingly being seen as an important tool to have in any home repair kit.

Are Leak Sprays Safe?

Leak sprays are just as safe as any other type of sealant. Products like Flex Seal do not contain any hazardous ingredients, and will dry quickly to ensure that no liquid rubber runoff will damage the environment.


Since leak sprays are specifically designed to tackle hard-to-reach leak problems, they can safely be sprayed in confined spaces. Sprays are an emulsion based formula, and they usually include corrosion protective coatings and liners that are safe for both the environment and those who use the spray.


Leak sprays are also safe to use on virtually all materials, and will not harm any surface in your home or your car. In fact, they are often used to repair and cover up corroded metal that would be hazardous to the environment.


Essentially, leak sprays are simply rubber in a liquid form, and rubber is a very harmless and natural product.


With that in mind, leak sprays cannot harm you or the people around you. When used effectively they can repair hundreds of different household problems, and they do so in a way that is much safer than many other home repair solutions.

What Problems Can a Spray Sealant Fix?

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