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Best Spray Sealers

Anybody who knows about home repair knows how useful spray sealers can be. A good spray sealer will coat a surface with a binding fluid in order to protect it from the elements. Most sealants are waterproof, and can help fix a number of unique problems around your home – like a leaky roof. And, best of all, they’re extremely easy to use: simply point and spray.

Unfortunately, not all spray sealers are created equal. While some will effectively bind to every surface in your home, others provide less than stellar results. For that reason, we’ve broken down the 3 best spray sealers on the market. After extensively testing them around our own homes, we can now provide you with an accurate and unbiased review. Without further ado, here is our ranking of the best spray sealers.

3 Leak Stopper

Leak stopper takes a different approach than some of the other best spray sealers listed here. Instead of using only liquid rubber, it uses a special penetrating oil that gets deep inside your roof. While Leak Stopper claims that this makes it more effective, we found the results to be fairly average. It didn’t stick as well to our roof as we hoped, and we needed a fair amount of product before you could actually declare the surface to be waterproof. For that reason, our review of Leak Stopper ended up being a pretty expensive project! It also seemed less durable in warm and cold weather – something that is very important for a roof.

That being said, Leak Stopper does work on plenty of different roof surfaces, including shingles, built-up roofs, SBS modified roofs, and metal roofs (among many others). And, since rubber lasts for years on your roof, Leak Stopper will only need to be replaced once every few years. Nevertheless, the negatives about Leak Stopper listed above are difficult to ignore, particularly when there are two superior solutions out there. While it’s one of the most popular spray sealers, it’s certainly not one of the best spray sealers.

2 Liquid Roof

This product, from EPDM Coatings, promises to succeed in all of the areas that Leak Stopper did not. It claims to protect your roof from temperatures of between -60 to 400F, and features fast-acting, instant binding technology. It claims that the waterproof seal it creates is as strong as some of their solid coatings, and can withstand 365 days a year of water pooling.

Unfortunately, the product simply fails to deliver in some areas, and that distracts from its overall quality. While it does create a binding seal with whatever material you have on hand, it doesn’t do a great job of staying on. A little bit of physical pressure – like scuffing it with our toes – was enough to remove some of the sealant, and opened up glaring holes in the strength of the product. For that reason, Liquid Roof is best if you’re covering a massive area, and not concentrating on a few specific problem spots.

Put simply, when you compare Liquid Roof to a product as powerful as Flex Seal, it pales in comparison. Sure, it’s a decent spray sealer, but it isn’t one of the best spray sealers.

1 Flex Seal

You may have seen Flex Seal’s commercials on TV lately. Featuring instant-binding, advanced rubber sealant technology, Flex Seal promises to fix virtually any problem in your house. Just like most ‘made for TV’ products, we were wary about this at first. And boy, were we ever wrong.

Flex Seal uses a spray of liquid rubber to effectively attach itself to any material. This rubber will withstand insanely high temperatures and frost-biting cold, and like many rubber products, will not biodegrade naturally. This is why Flex Seal is so powerful – it withstands all of the conditions that some of the other best spray sealers do not. Instead of applying it once every two or three years, you can leave it on your roof for 10 years without worrying.

And, unlike some of the other best spray sealers, Flex Seal works on so much more than just your roof. In fact, we found uses for it in almost every area of the house. Everything from potted plants to leaky sunroofs was easily fixed with a simple spray. And, if you’re worried about leaving an unsightly black rubber mark around your house, think again: Flex Seal is very easy to paint over.
Flex Seal 2 for 1 Deal
And, to top it all off, Flex Seal was by far the easiest spray sealer that we worked with. The other two products were sticky, messy, and a pain to deal with. Meanwhile, with Flex Seal, we literally just pointed it at the problem area and pressed the trigger. It’s that easy. At its current 2-for-1 sale price, ($19.99 for 2 cans) it’s also significantly less expensive than its competitors. However, with fantastic Flex Seal reviews springing up around the internet every day, we doubt this low price will last for long. With more and more people realizing that Flex Seal is the best spray sealer, the company is bound to cash in eventually.

For all of these reasons, Flex Seal is clearly in a class of its own. Rather than including it with some of the other best spray sealers on the market, we want to announce its individual title as the best spray sealer on the market. It’s that good. Put simply, if you’re looking for a product that will easily coat, seal and protect virtually any surface in your home, then you need to get Flex Seal today.

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