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How to Fix a Leaky Tap

At some point or another, almost all of us will have a leaky tap in our home. Instead of hiring somebody else to repair it for you, we’re going to teach you how to easily fix a leaky tap using a simple rubber spray sealer.

Supplies required to fix a leaky tap

Flex Seal 2 for 1 Deal


Turn off the water going to your leaky tap. The shutoff valve can usually be found underneath the sink. Open the cupboard and take a close look around for any handles, and turn them tightly to the right. Double check to make sure the water is off by turning the tap off and on.


Plug the drain in your sink to prevent any of your materials from falling down there. There is nothing more frustrating than taking apart a tap, only to find that you’ve lost a screw or a washer down the pipes.


Remove the faucet handles using a screwdriver. You may have to pry off some caps in order to find the screw heads, as many taps hide these screws for aesthetic purposes.


There will probably be a damaged washer behind the handle that you just removed. Take that out and dispose of it. Don’t worry if there isn’t a washer there, as you’re going to add a new one.


Take a look at the size of the washer you just removed, or measure the size of the center post of your tap. Then, obtain a new washer in that size. Ideally, this washer will be only a tiny bit larger than the post. Coat the back of that washer with rubber spray sealer and then press it down firmly upon the post. This will form a waterproof seal and will prevent your tap from leaking.

While some washers come included with a seal, it is far more effective to use a powerful rubber spray sealer like Flex Seal, which provides a much higher rate of success.


Reverse the steps. Replace the tap and the screws, then turn the water back on to make sure that everything works without leaking. If the problem persists, then it may be indicative of a more serious problem, and you may need to call a plumber.

Why should I use Flex Seal to fix a leaky tap?

As the best rubber spray sealer on the market, Flex Seal has a number of advantages. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is such a popular home repair tool:

  • Powerful bonds: while there are a few different rubber spray sealers out there, none of them work as well as Flex Seal. Its unique rubber formula forms a powerful bond with the surface that you spray it on, creating an instant seal. It works perfectly with virtually any household surface, and will fit easily upon your washer.
  • Easy to use: Even the most inexperienced handy person will be able to figure out how to use Flex Seal. Simply point and spray the rubber at the washer, and your problem is solved. Good luck finding another home repair product that can be used so easily.
  • Affordable: paying somebody to fix your leaky tap is embarrassing and expensive. Instead of doing that, you can buy Flex Seal for an incredibly low price of $19.99. And, since the company is offering a buy one, get one free promotion, it’s available at an incredible bargain.
  • Thousands of uses: You won’t need an entire can of Flex Seal to fix a single leaky tap. However, there are so many other uses for Flex Seal that the rest of the can will never go to waste. It can be used to easily fix a leaky roof, a leaky gasket, broken pottery, and countless other household problems. This is why we feel that Flex Seals offers such incredible value.

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