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How to Seal a Pond

If you’ve got a pond in your backyard, then you need to learn how to protect it against leaks. Using a special tool like a spray sealer, sealing your pond has never been easier. Today, we’re going to teach you how to seal a pond quickly and effectively by using a rubber spray sealer.

While this technique could be used on a pond that already has leaks, it works best on a brand new pond. Since you are going to repair or enhance the existing synthetic pond seal, you will need to remove it from the water before applying the rubber sealant. Obviously, if you remove the seal for an existing pond, it will drain the water.

That being said, if your pond is already suffering from a leak, then its water level could be pretty low already, in which case removing the seal wouldn’t matter much anyway. Without further ado, here is how you can easily seal your pond by using a rubber spray sealer.

Tools required to seal a pond

  • Rubber spray sealer (we recommend Flex Seal for this task)
  • A new or existing synthetic pond liner

Flex Seal 2 for 1 Deal


Remove your synthetic pond liner from your pool. These liners are usually made from plastic or rubber and are the easiest option available – particularly for beginner backyard pond makers. However, they can degrade over time, even if there are no sharp objects in your pond, due to the organic waste created by any plants or fish that you may have. This can lead to everything from gaping holes to smaller, pinhole leaks.

If you don’t already have a pond liner, you can get one at most home improvement stores.


Identify the areas of your synthetic pond liner that need to be fixed or strengthened.  If these problem spots are not immediately noticeable to the naked eye, then you hold the liner up and run water over it to observe any leaky areas. Sometimes, even the smallest hole can drain a significant amount of water when left over time.

On a new pond liner, take note of any potential areas in which the liner could crack. Sharp edges and even rounded corners in your pond wall can expose weaknesses in a liner over time, and strengthening it with a little rubber sealant today can save you a lot of trouble in the future.


Take your rubber spray sealer and hit all of the spots you identified in the previous step. With a spray sealer, you just point and shoot it at the area that you want filled – that’s it! The liquid rubber will immediately form a waterproof bond with common liner materials like rubber or plastic, and this bond will help your pond withstand leaks for many years in the future.


Wait for the rubber to dry. While you wait, take a close look at bottom of your pond for any rocks, gravel, or other objects that may cut a hole in the liner. Remember, even a tiny pebble can rupture your liner over time, especially when there are hundreds of liters of water pressing down on it.


Replace the pond liner. Congratulations! You’re done. By taking steps to avoid a leak today, you’ve saved yourself time and money in the future. And, by using a rubber spray sealer, the entire process could not have been easier.

Why should I use Flex Seal?

As mentioned above, we highly recommend using Flex Seal to repair or strengthen the liner in your pond. It has a number of unique qualities that make it ideal as a waterproof pond sealant. Here are just a few of the reasons why it is so popular:

  • Durability – The liquid rubber in Flex Seal is flexible enough to accommodate any changes in your pond, but strong enough to prevent these changes from causing a leak. It holds up under even the most extreme temperatures, and does not biodegrade in any natural environment. If you’re looking for a solution that lasts for an incredibly long time, Flex Seal is a perfect option for you.
  • Easy to use – You will never find a home repair product as easy to use as Flex Seal. You literally point it at the hole that you want to seal, then pull the trigger and let it work its magic. Even somebody with absolutely no knowledge in home repair or landscaping will find Flex Seal easy to use.
  • Affordability – If you’ve already purchased a pond liner, rocks, fish and various other pond features, then you don’t want to spend too much on a rubber spray sealer. Fortunately, Flex Seal has a 2-for-1 promotion where you can get two large cans for only $19.99.
  • Multiuse – If you do happen to have some Flex Seal left over after sealing your pond, you can easily put it to use on other projects around your home. It can fix a leaky roof or a leaky gutter, for example, and can even mend broken pottery.

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